Balancing the Traction Avant wheels

Recently (September 2019) I bought a new, affordable wheel balancing machine.  With this machine, modern car wheels can be measured and he wheels cab then be balanced by adding balancing weights to prevent shudder and shakes in your car at speeds higher than 90 km/h (over 60 miles/hr).  My Traction Avant can easily drive over 100 km/h since I have the 4-gear transmission from an early Citroën ID (1965) and – corresponding engine built -in in my Traction Avant 15BN.  But- the unbalanced wheels could not cope very well with the higher speeds than ‘normal’.

So- I searched and found an adapter to fit the Traction Avant wheels on my balancing machine and I added the needed weights to the wheels. Done!

The spare was also balanced, but for this I used adhesive weights.

When balancing I found out that in 2 of the 5 wheels there is a sway of more than 1 millimeter. Next year I will also have all rims aligned…

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