Citroen ID engine in Traction Avant

In the TA I have had 3 engines since 2006:
1) The original TA engine which turned out to be torn on the corner of the lower engine;
2) An ID19P long stroke lower engine which I have further assembled with the parts of the original engine such as TA head, TA crankcase pan, etc.
3) The final DW long stroke engine, including the ID head, carburettor, manifold, crankcase pan and modified (=shortened) crankshaft.

Below you can see how I used the TA head, crankcase pan, oil pump, camshaft, push rods, water pump, etc. at option 2) to be able to use the ID19P block to drive the Traction again.

Above you can see the first replacement engine that worked in my TA for about 4 years. It is an ID19P motor that fits perfectly in my Traction. I transferred the head from the Traction engine, the camshaft as well. 

Unfortunately the oil pressure of this engine was in my opinion too low to drive reliably.  Probably too much worn anyway.

In the picture below you can see this engine with the TA-head on it and with the 3-speed gearbox on it.

At option 3), so the second engine I bought together with the 4-speed gearbox, a DW engine, the crankshaft had to be shortened because I wanted the vibration damper removed, see pictures below:

Above: Crankshaft of the ID19 engine in  my Lathe

Above: The right part is already pretty done, the thread has already been cut just to the right of the (to fit) camshaft gears and the remainder to the right of the thread can now be cut off.

Above: Just to be on the safe side: Oilpump revised

And replaced the aluminium crankcase pan that was torn during transport with one that I still had lying around…

Later on, I repaired the broken crankcase with aluminum solder, perfect job!  

Almost ready for the testrun, you can clearly see that it is not a TA head, just an exhaust manifold on this side.  This engine was perfect, both in terms of compression and oil pressure. 

Even with a warm engine it was fine!   

Under this engine an aluminium crankcase pan was placed so that the original oil pump could be mounted again.